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The aluminium welding done at Smartco Projects is wide-ranging. We have repaired many items that would otherwise be discarded. These include broken gearbox mounts, broken steering rack mounts, cracked tappet covers, stripped threads, aluminium bonnets and fenders, broken bell housings, thermostat housings, intake manifolds, bicycle frames, diesel tanks, differential mountings, garden chairs, kiddy strollers, wheelchairs, roof racks, model airplane exhausts, sub-frames, quad bike frames and many, many more. As well as repairs, we offer custom component welding, machining and fabrication.

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Working on titanium is not the norm at Smartco Projects. Not that we don’t weld titanium, but titanium work in the industries we concentrate on is very rare. Any work we have done is unrelated to our normal work flow. It is more expensive to weld than other metals, because it is far more sensitive to atmospheric contamination. Therefore, we weld titanium in a welding chamber - to exclude any possible contamination.


Magnesium welding is very similar to aluminium welding, although not as common. We weld all grades of magnesium, with most of our work coming from the automotive and industrial sectors. While magnesium looks very similar to aluminium, magnesium is 30% lighter, and in most cases darker. We have welded engine covers, clutch covers, gripper bars for the printing industry, tank covers, fan housings, engine casings and many other magnesium parts.

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We can weld all grades of stainless steel. Stainless steel is another material that will not tolerate any atmospheric contamination in the weld puddle. It will display a black crusty build-up in the areas affected. Most of the stainless steel welding handled at Smartco Projects is for the food or furniture industry, for industrial applications, for the boating fraternity, for coastal use, or for private decorative purposes. 

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Of all the metals we weld, cast iron is the most inconsistent. Depending on the original casting and its graphite content, as well as any other impurities that may have seeped into the metal over time, it either welds up easily, or is a complete pain in the rear. Welding cast iron can be a little time-consuming as well. This is because of the pre-heat and post-heat cycles necessary to avoid stress cracking. Most of the work we do on cast iron is as manifolds, old heads, or industrial parts.

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Besides the above welding processes, we can also offer brazing services on most metals. We can braze mild steel, stainless, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, tungsten and various other metals to themselves or dissimilar metals. We can achieve this in most cases with the TIG welding process or with Oxy-acetylene.