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Damaged aluminium diesel tank Welding repair to damaged diesel tank

Here we have an aluminium diesel fuel tank that had loose baffles inside. We cut open the tank and re-welded the baffles back into place using the aluminium TIG welding process. We then welded closed the top of the tank with the original material.

Damaged aluminium Ford differential Repair welding to damaged aluminium Ford differential

Above is an aluminium welding repair that we performed on a damaged Ford differential. The accident that the car was involved in ripped the mounting lug off the differential. We repaired the differential, and it went back into service.

Cracked cast iron exhaust manifold Welding repair to stripped thin wall of fuel tank

The aluminium fuel tank above had to be reinforced in the area of the hose fittings. To repair this, we welded on an aluminium plate and re-installed the fittings.

Leaking BMW M6 oil cooler pipe Welding repair to leaking BMW M6 oil cooler pipe

Above is a repair we did to an aluminium BMW M6 oil cooler. These coolers often leak in this area, and we have repaired many. We weld these coolers in a way that doesn’t require any cutting of the frame. As you can see above, the original structure is intact.

Mercedes sub-frame damaged in accident Welding repair to Mercedes sub-frame damaged in accident

What you see above is an aluminium sub-frame that was damaged in an accident. The frame was twisted and had many cover panels missing or damaged. We straightened the sub-frame and welded on new panels using the aluminium TIG welding process.

Battery tray bracket damaged in an accident Aluminium battery tray bracket welded together

Here we have a broken aluminium battery tray bracket from an accident damaged vehicle. Spares were not available and so the repair option was necessary. We welded together the tray using the TIG welding process and maintained all original measurements and mounting points.

Aluminium bonnet damaged in an accident Weld repair on aluminium bonnet damaged in an accident

Above we have an aluminium bonnet that was accident damaged. Somebody worked on the part prior to it coming to us. We had to rebuild the thin section of aluminium resulting from the previous repair attempt. We built up the area and repaired the original damage.