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Smartco Projects has evolved from years and years of passionate metalworking. From an early age I was aways fascinated with metalwork and welding. At 10 years old my Dad, a very talented woodworker, bought me my first welder. I was lucky in that I inherited all my technical talents from him - a most amazing and talented man who imparted all his technical knowledge to me. I, however, taught myself how to weld and by 11 was making some very useful contraptions.

At that stage, my sophisticated toolset comprised of a welder, some consumables and a large metal file to smooth down the welds I had made. As you can imagine, progress was slow. Neat welds became a necessity if I was to avoid days and days of filing!

Fast forward many years and lots of things have changed. I no longer file welds by hand, and have aquired many more skills and tools - accumulated over the passing years. Sadly, my Father too has passed, and I have decided to dedicate this business and website to him, because without the knowledge both he and my Mom imparted to me, inside the workshop and out - I would not be the person I am today.

One thing that hasn't changed though, is my passion for metalwork. I believe in quality over quantity and am proud of the work I do. So if you're looking for a cheap and nasty job - give me a miss and move on, I am certainly not your man. If you're looking for reliability, quality and good work ethics, please give me a call.


Martin Covitz (1937 - 2010)
I love you Dad